Sunday, December 26, 2010

Prefabricated Steel Buildings For Public Safety

Prefabricated Steel Public Safety Buildings
Budgetary constraints are probably the main obstacle for any expansion or upgrade of a municipality building, and Olympia Steel Buildings realizes this. That is why a fully customizable prefabricated steel building would be perfect to accommodate your public safety needs and at a price your community's budget can afford. Whether you need a police station, firehouse, storage facility or an EMT garage our prefabricated steel public safety buildings can be designed and manufactured with a variety of building lengths and widths. Our clear span interiors can provide column-free space of up to 200 feet with unlimited lengths for maximum storage space to hold municipal trucks, police cars, ambulances, fire equipment and more. Olympia Steel Buildings erect in a fraction of the time than it takes for conventional construction, such as wood, brick or stone.

Prefabricated steel building used as a firehouse.
Olympia Steel Buildings specializes in designing prefabricated steel buildings to be used for public safety buildings that can meet any municipal budget. We have helped many communities build affordable, multi-functional public safety facilities.
Olympia Steel Building Systems offers quality, strength, and service at reduced prices for all of your public safety building needs. Call today for visit us online for a free price quote on prefabricated steel buildings.

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