Monday, December 13, 2010

Metal Church Building Designs By Olympia Steel Buildings

"There is a growing demand to build new church buildings or to expand existing church facilities," reports Arnold Davis, President of Olympia Steel Buildings. "With Olympia's pre-engineered metal church buildings, churches can grow and meet their worship needs within a budget their congregation can afford."

Congregations increasingly choose pre-engineered steel buildings over other types of structures. They find that construction costs are less with a pre-engineered building. Insurance costs are less for steel construction than for "stick-built" construction and maintenance costs are significantly less.

"Our pre-engineered metal church buildings save time and money over traditional brick, wood or stone construction," explains Davis. "The structural engineering fees are included in the building project cost. This makes our cost about 50 percent less than conventional construction. The roof coating that Olympia uses is AZ55 Galvalume. There is a 25-year perforation warranty on the roof panels backed by the steel mills. If a hole rusts through a panel, the steel mill will replace the panel. The coating requires no maintenance or painting and it retains its original luster. This means the roof will last for many years without maintenance and still retain its beauty. The same is true of the side panels – all you have to do is keep them clean. Low maintenance costs mean that churches can devote financial resources to other projects."

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