Thursday, December 16, 2010

Olympia Steel Buildings Factory Is CSA-A660 Certified For Canada

It is mandatory that U.S. manufacturers selling steel buildings into Canada have CSA-A660  certification. Steel Built Corp., the manufacturer of Olympia Steel Buildings has invested time and money to ensure that Olympia steel buildings meet all Canadian standards for steel buildings and metal building systems .

All preengineered steel buildings and metal building systems bought out of the U.S. should have a factory of origin written on all purchase contracts along wtih a copy of the A660 certificate for that factory. Steel Built Corp. is proud to meet all requirements of the CSA-A660 Quality Certification for Steel Building Systems in Canada. CSA-A660 Certification assures any Canadian purchaser that an Olympia Steel Building is a quality certified building and is manufactured to adhere to the standards of the CSSBI: Canadian Sheet Steel Building Institute.

Not all steel building system companies are able to meet the high standards of quality set by CSA-A660 and the CSSBI. Buyer Beware: there are steel building system manufacturers selling steel buildings and metal building systems in Canada that DO NOT have CSA-A660 Quality Certification.

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