Friday, December 10, 2010

Metal Storage Buildings for Farm Equipment

Metal Storage Buildings for Farm Equipment
A lot of money is invested in your farm equipment and Olympia Steel Buildings understands how important it is to protect them. If you need some form of shelter or storage facility, let Olympia design a prefabricated metal storage building for you. Don't choose a wooden pole building that will just rot away in a few years.

Farm Storage BuildingsOlympia metal storage buildings are backed with several warranties, including a 25 year warranty on the roof and panelling, 40 year warranty on the paint and a lifetime warranty on the stainless steel fasteners. Olympia farm storage buildings are also more friendly with your wallet because a metal building erects in less time than it would take to construct a wooden, brick or block storage building. You can even save more time and money by erecting the metal storage building yourself with our easy-to-follow assembly manual! Olympia's farm storage buildings can also be customized to accommodate anything you may need for your farm storage needs. Our clear span design allows 200' of space width and unlimited lengths. Accentuate the metal structure with a variety of storage building accessories, such as doors, windows, ventilation systems, insulation and more.

Olympia specializes in high quality metal storage buildings for farm equipment. We have helped hundreds of farmers and agricultural professionals design versatile metal storage buildings. Call today for a price on a metal storage building that is up to 50% off of conventional storage building construction.

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