Monday, August 29, 2011

Steel Buildings Standing Seam Metal Roofs

steel building metal roof photo
The new “Architectural” standing seam metal roof system showcased by Olympia Steel Buildings is designed for use on new construction and as a replacement roof for existing buildings where architectural appearance as well as weather resistance are important considerations. This standing seam metal roof is suitable for steel buildings, metal buildings, and buildings of conventional construction as well.

“Many standing seam roof systems have a similar appearance to the new Architectural Roof System, but they have major differences in their performance,” states Arnold Davis, President of Universal Steel Buildings Corp, sole distributor of Olympia Steel Buildings. “We are very excited about the new Architectural Roof System available as an option on Olympia steel buildings. It makes a beautiful roof profile on pitched roofs where the roof can be seen from the ground, making it very appealing to architects who want to enhance the look and appearance of the building. This unique roof system has many advantages over most other metal roof systems, and when properly installed the Architectural Roof System offers excellent weather resistance and is practically maintenance free.”

The Architectural Roof System available on Olympia Steel Buildings consists of metal panels joined together by a unique factory-formed interlocking seam that is easily assembled and seamed in the field. “The Architectural Roof System Panels have a sidelap that can be formed into two types of seams,” explains Davis. “The patented TripleLok™ seam, which will resist greater uplift forces than any known seam, and the QuadLok™  seam, formed by reforming the TripleLok™ seam to further tighten and form an additional strengthening bend. This allows a 24-gauge metal roof panel to resist uplift loads greater than even a 22-gauge panel. Because the TripleLok™ seam is such a superior seaming system, the additional strength of the QuadLok™ seam is required only at some roof edge zones and corners or on extremely high roofs in high wind areas where wind uplift forces are severe.”

The Architectural Roof System steel panels are fabricated of Galvalume® coated steel and optional factory applied paint with an available color option to further enhance the beauty of this exceptional metal roof system. The Galvalume coated steel panels provide a long-lasting roof membrane with a proven weatherability in excess of 20 years. The Architectural steel panels are impervious to moisture and resist falling objects and roof traffic better than other roof membranes commonly used. The Architectural steel panels also resist live load and wind uplift without the complexity and cost required on other metal roofing systems.


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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Online Metal Buildings Color Selection Tool

Before you buy, check out Olympia Steel Buildings online color selection tool for mini-storage metal buildings. Don't forget to scroll down to pick trim colors too!

Olympia Steel Buildings wants to be your self-storage partner. We recognize the needs of self-storage facility managers and owners for a secure, cost-effective and attractive building that meets and exceeds code requirements and customers’ expectations. Olympia wants to work with you to provide a secure, flexible and cost-effective storage alternative for your customers and our new mini-warehouse metal building system does all this and more. We have worked hard to design and develop an attractive, cost-effective and virtually maintenance free pre-engineered steel building that will meet the exacting needs of our growing self-storage facility customers. Call 888-449-7756 for our color brochure or get an online steel building price quote.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Mini Storage Steel Buildings

mini-storage steel building picture
The self-storage industry operates in all parts of the economy from residential neighborhoods to industrial parks, urban areas and rural settings all over America. Owners and managers require that their facilities meet and exceed industry standards for quality, reliability, convenience, and accessibility. Olympia Steel Buildings delivers the quality that owners and managers expect with our multi-functional mini storage, self-storage and mini-warehouse steel buildings and metal building kits. With the expert assistance of Olympia’s steel building consultants, customers find that Olympia steel buildings are a very economical solution to their self-storage facility needs.

Olympia Steel Buildings knowledgeable pre-engineered steel building consultants help self-storage facility owners develop their self-storage facility plans cost effectively and efficiently, carefully guiding them through the purchase and design process. A variety of popular mini-storage building layouts are available to choose from to simplify the decision making process. Experienced factory in-house engineers and drafting experts then design each facility to meet the customer’s specific requirements. All structural framing is hot-dip galvanized making Olympia self-storage metal buildings maintenance-free for the life of the facility. Precision fabrication allows the buildings to be erected quickly onsite, minimizing labor costs. Unlimited sizes accommodate the needs of many different customers and units can be easily expanded to accommodate future growth. Steel panels and steel framing provide excellent fire resistance, lowering insurance costs and providing confidence to the self-storage facility owner and customer alike.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Steel Buildings Stand Up To Earthquakes

How Do Steel Buildings Stand Up To Earthquakes

With an earthquake last week in Colorado and one just today in Virginia – places where we don’t normally expect or experience that scary shaking of the earth – the question on everyone’s mind has got to be “How safe is my building from earthquakes?”

If you have a pre-engineered steel building purchased from a reputable steel building company that engineers all their prefabricated metal buildings according to local building codes, including seismic (that’s earthquakes) then your building will remain standing when other structures buckle, crumble and bend and ultimately collapse.

Today we felt the Virginia earthquake all the way in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. When talking with my husband on the phone today at lunch he struck fear into my heart when he said, “Holy cow, the house is shaking! And I can hear a low rumbling – we must be having an earthquake!” Now our house is a hundred-year-old three-storey stick-built brick building with rafters and beams the size of large trees so we don’t expect it to shake from an earthquake 300 miles away in Virginia, but it did. If instead the building had been a pre-engineered steel building, I would have had no worries at all; in fact, I probably wouldn’t have felt a thing. Case closed. Period.

So if you are lucky enough to be able to build with new construction, you can’t do better, or find any safer building construction than pre-engineered steel buildings. Just make sure the company you work with has engineers that are knowledgeable to make sure your local building codes are satisfied, including seismic, so your building can stand up to earthquakes if need be. 

Call Olympia Steel Buildings right now to find out more 888-449-7756 or get an online steel building price. And don't worry, Olympia Steel Buildings will take care of all the details and make sure your buildings is seismically secure.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Steel Buildings Get Canada Quality Certification

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Olympia Steel Buildings Are Canada CSSBI Quality Certified

Mc Kees Rocks, PA (Vocus) August 3, 2010 -- Steel Built Corp, the manufacturer of Olympia Steel Buildings ®, has been certified as meeting all requirements of Canada’s CSA-A660 Quality Certification for Steel Building Systems.

“Steel Built Corp is proud to meet all requirements of Canada’s CSA-A660 Quality Certification for Steel Building Systems,” announced Arnold Davis, President of Universal Steel Buildings Corp, sole supplier of Olympia Steel Buildings. “Not all pre-engineered metal buildings companies are able to meet the high standards of quality set by CSA-A660 and the CSSBI. CSA-A660 Certification assures Canadian customers that Olympia Steel Buildings meet or exceed the quality requirements for certification established for pre-engineered metal building systems and are manufactured to adhere to the standards of the CSSBI, the Canadian Sheet Steel Building Institute.“

With CSA-A660 compliance comes the assurance that the manufacturer has been audited for personnel training and adherence to procedures, design and engineering compliance, raw material controls and traceability, and fabrication, warehousing, packaging, shipping compliance to the plant quality program. “ISO Accreditation is not the same as CSA-A660 Certification,” notes Davis. “CSA-A660 certification includes a quality control audit like ISO, but in addition undertakes an engineering design and personnel audit.”
“It is mandatory that U.S. manufacturers selling steel buildings or metal buildings systems into Canada have this certification,” says Davis. “Our factory, Steel Built Corp, has invested time and money to ensure that our pre-engineered metal building systems meet Canadian standards. All pre-engineered steel buildings and metal building systems bought out of the U.S. should have “factory of origin” documentation written on purchase contracts along with a copy of the CSA-A660 certificate from that factory. Otherwise,” warns Davis, “the buyer may experience problems getting permits for buildings from factories that are not CSA-A660 certified for Canada. Be sure to ask for proof of CSA-A660 certification before you buy.

About CSA-A660 Certification
The CSA-A660 Standard was developed to assist code enforcement officials in reviewing building permit submissions incorporating steel buildings and metal building systems and to help purchasers receive a quality certified building. As part of the CSA-A660 compliance, the manufacturer provides a "Certificate of Design and Manufacturing Conformance" signed and sealed by a licensed Professional Engineer for each building project.

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Friday, August 12, 2011

Steel Buildings Standing Seam Roof For Metal Construction

Metal buildings standing seam roof photo
Olympia Steel Buildings recently announced the design, engineering and supply of an Olympia Steel Buildings pre-engineered metal building system to Jimmy’s Market, a Shurfine supermarket in Bingham, Maine. The fourteen-thousand square foot building, to be used as a state-of-the-art upscale supermarket with wide aisles and modern interiors features a bright red standing seam metal roof with an attractive 2:12 roof pitch. The standing seam roof is gets its rich, bright red color from a special energy-efficient paint coating from Akzo Nobel known as a “cool paint”. Such “cool paint” coatings can reduce energy costs and help buildings score LEED Green building points.
The new 100’ x 140’ prefabricated metal building provides plenty of space for all the market has to offer, including a huge variety of fresh quality products including produce, meats and seafood. Jimmy’s is widely known for having the freshest bakery and deli goods you can find and their full service meat department is happy to provide custom meat preparation and cutting.
The bright red standing seam roof looks great & besides being a great roof, one that will last practically forever, it gets the customers attention and really draws them in.