Friday, May 27, 2011

Metal Building Company Opens Kansas Sales Office

Olympia Steel Buildings  recently announced the opening of a new regional sales office in Othathe, Kansas for pre-engineered metal buildings sales serving the Quad-state area of Kansas, Iowa, Nebraska, and Missouri. The office is now open for business to serve pre-engineered steel building and turnkey metal building construction customers in the Quad-state area of KS, IA, NE, and MO.

Universal Steel Buildings Corp., sole supplier of Olympia Steel Buildings® continues its steady growth as a leader in the pre-engineered steel buildings industry with fourteen locations in the United States and Canada. Company president, Arnold Davis, recently announced the opening of the new regional metal building sales office in Olathe Kansas. The new office will serve pre-engineered steel building and turnkey metal building construction customers in the farm states of Kansas, Iowa, Nebraska and Missouri. “We anticipate strong industry growth in the region as crop prices continue to rise to historic highs in response to demand,” asserts Arnold Davis, President of Universal Steel Buildings Corp.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Self-Storage Mini-Warehouse Metal Buildings

Self Storage Steel Building

Steel Buildings For Self Storage Mini-Warehouses

Olympia Steel Buildings wants to be your self storage building partner, working with you to provide a secure and cost-effective storage alternative for your customers. Call our expert metal building consultants today to get the lowest possible price on our self storage buildings that best suit your requirements. You'll find that an Olympia steel building is a very economical solution to your self storage needs.
  • Knowledgeable pre-engineered steel self storage building consultants help you develop your plans economically & efficiently by guiding you through the metal building design process and building purchase.
  • Experienced factory in-house metal building engineers and drafting experts will design the self storage steel buildings that meet your every requirement.
  • The highest quality building standards are met and exceeded including all local self storage building code requirements.
  • Metal building construction cost savings can be realized for your prefab steel self storage buildings.
  • A 25 year rust-performance warranty is standard with every self storage building.
  • A 40 year paint warranty on all colored panels and trim guarantees your self storage steel building the best protection in the industry.
  • Precision metal building fabrication and concise assembly drawings mean simple and economical construction with all of our self storage steel buildings.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Sale On Cancelled Steel Buildings

The frames for the following 2 steel buildings have already been made and can accommodate 20 psf, 25 psf or 30 psf roof snow.

95' 8" x 106' 2.5" x 22'

Roof Snow 30 psf • Price $89,595 - FOB Plant
Roof Snow 25 psf • Price $88,599 - FOB Plant
Roof Snow 20 psf • Price $88,053
- FOB Plant

95' 8" x 96' 7/8" x 25' 8"

Roof Snow 30 psf • Price $92,918 - FOB Plant
Roof Snow 25 psf • Price $91,525 - FOB Plant
Roof Snow 20 psf • Price $90,776
- FOB Plant


  • Code can be IBC 2003, IBC 2006, or IBC 2009

  • .25:12 Roof Slope

  • Wind 90 mph • Collateral Load 1 psf

  • 24 Gauge Standing Seam Roof - Trapezoidal AZ55 Galvalume

  • Frames Already Made

  • Sheeting on Sides 26 Gauge PBR Panels - Choose From Twelve Colors •

  • 25 Year Rust Perforation Warranty

  • 40 Year Paint Warranty

  • Galvanized Girts, Purlins and All Secondary Framing Materials

  • Stainless Steel Capped Fasteners

  • 1 Year Warranty Against Defects in Materials and Workmanship

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Self Storage Steel Buildings


The self storage building business has grown into a multi-billion dollar industry. Current businesses are expanding and new companies are starting up every day. The industry operates in all parts of the economy from residential neighborhoods to industrial parks, in urban areas and rural settings. Owners and managers require that their self storage buildings meet and exceed industry standards for quality, reliability, convenience and accessibility and that's why they choose Olympia Steel Buildings pre-engineered metal buildings systems for all their self storage building needs.


If customer confidence is important to you, you must first have the assurance that your self storager building is the best that money can buy. Olympia steel self storage buildings and metal warehouse buildings have confidence built into every unit. Your customers will be able to lockup their belongings and lockout their worries with an Olympia Steel Buildings self storage metal building. It is as easy as stow, go and know... that their property is safe and secure.


As the owner of a self storage building you will love the features and benefits that an Olympia Steel Buildings self-storage metal building system offers. From a variety of options including twelve panel and trim colors to the virtually maintenance-free, durable materials used in our self storage steel buildings, you will be pleased with Olympia's quality, selection & great customer service.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Metal Buildings Withstand Missouri Flooding

Missouri farmers lament that ninety-nine percent of the structures in the spillway have water up to the roof and it could be years before the farmland can be restored to productivity. Stick-built buildings are lost — you can't do anything with them.

Steel buildings and metal barns that house machinery, livestock and commodities in flood ravaged Missouri farmlands are the only buildings that will most likely survive the flooding that occurred after the Army blew a hole in a Mississippi River levee to save the city of Cairo, Illinois from inundation. Because pre-engineered steel buildings are made of metal and securely anchored into concrete, when the waters finally recede, the metal buildings will still be standing. They will not have been washed away, and they will not be subject to rot, mold and mildew like the sodden wooden buildings and barns left behind by the receding waters. Unlike wooden siding on stick-built buildings, any damaged metal panels can be easily replaced, allowing pre-engineered steel buildings to be put back into service almost immediately.

If you’re a farmer needing to rebuild, Olympia Steel Buildings can help.  Call now 888-449-7756 or visit our website: Olympia Steel Buildings