Thursday, May 12, 2011

Metal Buildings Withstand Missouri Flooding

Missouri farmers lament that ninety-nine percent of the structures in the spillway have water up to the roof and it could be years before the farmland can be restored to productivity. Stick-built buildings are lost — you can't do anything with them.

Steel buildings and metal barns that house machinery, livestock and commodities in flood ravaged Missouri farmlands are the only buildings that will most likely survive the flooding that occurred after the Army blew a hole in a Mississippi River levee to save the city of Cairo, Illinois from inundation. Because pre-engineered steel buildings are made of metal and securely anchored into concrete, when the waters finally recede, the metal buildings will still be standing. They will not have been washed away, and they will not be subject to rot, mold and mildew like the sodden wooden buildings and barns left behind by the receding waters. Unlike wooden siding on stick-built buildings, any damaged metal panels can be easily replaced, allowing pre-engineered steel buildings to be put back into service almost immediately.

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