Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Steel Buildings Stand Up To Earthquakes

How Do Steel Buildings Stand Up To Earthquakes

With an earthquake last week in Colorado and one just today in Virginia – places where we don’t normally expect or experience that scary shaking of the earth – the question on everyone’s mind has got to be “How safe is my building from earthquakes?”

If you have a pre-engineered steel building purchased from a reputable steel building company that engineers all their prefabricated metal buildings according to local building codes, including seismic (that’s earthquakes) then your building will remain standing when other structures buckle, crumble and bend and ultimately collapse.

Today we felt the Virginia earthquake all the way in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. When talking with my husband on the phone today at lunch he struck fear into my heart when he said, “Holy cow, the house is shaking! And I can hear a low rumbling – we must be having an earthquake!” Now our house is a hundred-year-old three-storey stick-built brick building with rafters and beams the size of large trees so we don’t expect it to shake from an earthquake 300 miles away in Virginia, but it did. If instead the building had been a pre-engineered steel building, I would have had no worries at all; in fact, I probably wouldn’t have felt a thing. Case closed. Period.

So if you are lucky enough to be able to build with new construction, you can’t do better, or find any safer building construction than pre-engineered steel buildings. Just make sure the company you work with has engineers that are knowledgeable to make sure your local building codes are satisfied, including seismic, so your building can stand up to earthquakes if need be. 

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