Thursday, March 3, 2011

Olympia Steel Buildings Recommended By Pennsylvania Farmer

In the spring of last year, Howard Boarts who owns a Black Angus farm purchased a steel building from Olympia Steel Buildings and contracted with them to have it erected on his property.

 “A snow storm collapsed my feed lot building in February of 2009,” Boarts stated. “I talked to Olympia Steel Buildings and they gave me a great price. I compared the steel building to a wooden pole barn and the steel building was cheaper. It went up in a few days and everything is exactly as I wanted it.”

The 30 x 120 metal building, sports attractive polar white sheeting and rural red trim and roof with one side completely open. Designed to provide a feeding area and give limited shelter from the elements to Boarts’ Black Angus cattle herd, the open side makes it completely accessible to his cows. Erected on 4’ stem walls to protect it from the livestock, rigid steel beams support the structure as its primary framing coated with an attractive gray oxide primer. The frames are a solid steel plate design and the flanges made from solid steel bar stock. The steel secondary framing of girts and purlins have a zinc galvanized coating applied at the mill and won’t rust, wrap or bend. The steel building’s pitched roof sheds water and snow while gutters and down spouts route the moisture away from the feeding area.

Delivery of the building occurred on May 27th with building construction taking less than two weeks by a three-man crew from start to finish. Almost a year later, the building functioned perfectly through a very cold, snowy Pennsylvania winter and Mr. Boarts and his cattle are very satisfied customers.
“This steel building is rugged enough to handle the heavy use of the Boarts’ herd as well as hold up under brutal weather conditions. Just what the owner ordered. Mr. Boarts was so pleased with his building that he has referred Olympia Steel Buildings to his fellow farmers in Ford City.”

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